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“Two Worlds”

We did a yearlong, in-depth research study of families with a disabled child. The first round of in home interviews gave us a better picture of the problem with current approaches to supporting families. On the way home a new researcher said to the lead trainer, “Well that changed my life. I will never teach college students in Special Education the same way again.” Jim asked her to clarify and she said,

“We train Special Education students to teach students with a disability. We never visit in their homes. Now I can see it is a completely different world. We have to send our students into the homes so they can understand that world.”

We visited the homes and asked the families what they needed. Our tools bridge the gap with a self-assessment called The Family Resource Builder. The FRB® uniquely allows parents to tell clinicians exactly what they want and need so together they can plan action steps to a better life with less stress. They have a voice!

The key to health care in America is individual and family engagement in self-care.

More life. Less stress.  Patient Home Advantage