FRB30™ Training

Welcome to the Family Resource Builder™ training portal. We want to make your transition into the 21st Century Medical Treatment World as easy as possible. However, this world is changing rapidly and dramatically, so hang on to your seat belts as we facilitate your mastery of this new world.

Experienced, certified instructors are available to train professional helpers in your organization or agency such as Social Workers, Teachers, Service Coordinators, Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, and so forth to grow in expertise and the ability to increase family engagement in their own and their children’s lives for better outcomes. Our tools and insights come from several years of intensive research with families with special needs, county agencies, churches, universities, and thought leaders. For more information on how we can support and train your team as you help families, contact us at so we can listen to your story.

If you are already working with one of our partner organizations or agencies, select your link below:

Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Clinton County

Hope Church

Xavier University Inter-professional Collaboration Field Study

Or, if you are attending an upcoming FRB30 training select the link below:

Family Resource Builder Family Engagement Process Training Feb 27 and Mar 12