PHA gives families a voice in caring for family members who are chronically ill, medically challenged, or have special needs.


At Patient Home Advantage, we provide the tools, resources, support, and training to equip agency professionals with tools that increase productive interactions with clients and families. Our methodology results in clients that are more involved in independent self-care and wellness. This, in turn, reduces costs and increases clinical effectiveness.

We help YOU help PATIENTS get better.

Patient Home Advantage is a godsend. We normally try to offer a Patient and Family whatever is on our menu, not what is on their mind. We now know exactly what the person needs and wants, and can assist them in getting it.
- Scott Osterfeld, M.S., Coordinator of Community Outreach and Engagement, Butler County Ohio Board of Developmental Disabilities
Patient Activation

Patient Activation

Changes are coming.

Medical treatment has moved from diagnosing and treating diseases to involving patients, and their families in wellness and prevention. It rewards the professional team for facilitating wholeness and active self-care that targets healthy lives rather than disease management alone. The PHA tools uniquely bridge the gap between professional expertise and personal application.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Reasons for change.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) recognizes that the patient/client and his or her family is a critically important component of treatment for illness and disabilities. This means that clinical and agency professionals must learn new skills and have new tools to facilitate patient engagement in self-care. The goal is wellness not treatment of sickness. PHA was established to discover tools and processes that help agencies and clinicians accomplish those goals.

We Emphasize

  1. High Touch

    Genuine concern with respect for each individual shown with empathetic understanding and warm care.

  2. High Tech

    We make the process ongoing and easy with our online resources.

  3. High Teach

    We coach and train every part of the organization to support each other holistically.

Our Tools

Promote prevention, wellness & health

Our tools optimize family involvement in discovering ways to care for themselves in sickness and health.
We teach professional care givers how to promote prevention, wellness, and health at home and work.

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